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  • Mobile Banking FAQs

    Find the answers to everything you need to know about Mobile Banking.

    Registration and General FAQs

    [ + ] How do I access Tech CU Mobile?

    [ + ] What services are available for Tech CU Mobile?

    [ + ] What do I need to enroll for Tech CU Mobile?

    [ + ] Is Tech CU Mobile free?

    [ + ] Is Tech CU Mobile secure?

    [ + ] What is my session length when logged into Tech CU Mobile?

    [ + ] Is there a limit of mobile devices I can use to access Tech CU Mobile?

    [ + ] How do I report problems I encounter when using Tech CU Mobile?

    [ + ] What happens if I lose my mobile device? How can I be sure my account information is secure if someone steals my phone?

    [ + ] Within which countries can I download Tech CU Mobile apps using the Android Marketplace?

    [ + ] Within which countries can I download Tech CU Mobile apps using the Apple App Store?

    [ + ] What are some tips to keep my Mobile Banking experience safe?

    Mobile Deposit

    [ + ] What is Tech CU Mobile Deposit?

    [ + ] What are the benefits of using Tech CU Mobile Deposit?

    [ + ] How do I make my first Tech CU Mobile Deposit?

    [ + ] What are the eligibility requirements for using Tech CU Mobile Deposit?

    [ + ] How will I know when my check has been posted?

    [ + ] Why am I unable to deposit my check?

    [ + ] How long should I retain the original check?

    Text Banking

    [ + ] How do I enroll in Text Banking?

    [ + ] How do I "Deactivate" Text Banking?

    [ + ] What menu options are available with Text Mobile Banking?

    Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay

    [ + ] Can I use my Tech CU Checkcard (debit card) with Apple Pay™, Android Pay and Samsung Pay?

    [ + ] When will completed transactions display in Passbook under "Last Transaction"?

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