• Tech CU Visa Credit Cards

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    Safe and secure with no annual or foreign transaction fees.  

    Start your child on the right financial path

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    Open up a Family Banking Account. 

    Make a resolution to save more this year!

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    Now is a great time to save by opening a Money Market Account. The higher your balance, the higher your rate.

    Tax Season is Officially Here – Consider an IRA

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    Potentially lower your tax burden and grow your retirement savings

  • A More Affordable Mortgage Option

    Our new 10/1 ARM Mortgage makes the home buying process easy and affordable.

    2018 Tax Statements

    Get answers to questions about your 2018 tax statements. They were mailed at the end of January.

  • Free articles, videos and insights to help you make smarter decisions about your money

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    Tech CU, for example, offers certificates ranging from one month to 60 months! Generally, the longer amount of time you choose, the higher the rate of return.

    Convenient, accessible products and services for your evolving needs:

    • Over 65,000 fee-free ATMs worldwide — that's more than Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America combined.
    • Prevent fraud and control your spending with Card Manager.
    • Free credit score and free credit monitoring.
    • Free Mobile Banking and Send Money Powered by PayPal.
    • Easy online appointment booking with our in-house experts.
    • No waiting on hold! Our Call Me feature calls you back.
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