• Online Banking FAQs

    Find the answers to everything you need to know about Online Banking.

    Online Banking FAQs:

    [ + ] What are the requirements for Tech CU Online Banking?

    [ + ] What costs are involved?

    [ + ] What types of accounts can I access?

    Browsers and Security FAQs for Online Banking and Tech CU website:

    [ + ] Is Tech CU Online Banking Secure?

    [ + ] Is the Homepage login area secure?

    [ + ] How do you ensure my login security?

    [ + ] How do you authenticate me as an Online Banking user?

    [ + ] How do you ensure transaction security?

    [ + ] How do I send you a secure email?

    [ + ] Can my account be blocked from access over the Internet?

    [ + ] Which browsers can I use to access Online Banking and the Tech CU website?

    [ + ] Online Banking is not displaying properly. What should I do?

    [ + ] After logging in successfully, I have difficulty bypassing the Profile Confirmation page. What should I do?

    Bill Pay FAQs:

    [ + ] What are the requirements for Bill Pay and how do I enroll?

    [ + ] How do I cancel Bill Pay?

    [ + ] Are there any fees for using Bill Pay?

    [ + ] How do I set up my payees and bill payments?

    [ + ] How do I check the status of paid bills?

    [ + ] What types of bills can be paid using Bill Pay?

    [ + ] Are the payments paid, electronically or by check?

    [ + ] What happens if I don't have enough money in my account to cover the Bill Pay transaction?

    [ + ] Is overdraft protection available?

    Quicken and QuickBooks FAQs:

    [ + ] What are the options for connecting with my Quicken software?

    [ + ] Web Connect - How do I export my account information to Quicken or QuickBooks using Tech CU Online Banking?

    [ + ] Express Web Connect & Direct Connect - How do I connect my Tech CU account to Quicken?

    [ + ] What versions of Quicken/QuickBooks does Tech CU support?

    [ + ] How current is the information I download from Tech CU Online Banking for import?

    [ + ] How much does it cost to access my Tech CU account information through my financial software?

    [ + ] What login credentials do I need to provide to access my Tech CU accounts in Quicken using Direct Connect?

    [ + ] Can I pay my bills with my Tech CU account using Quicken?

    [ + ] What kind of technical support does Tech CU provide for Quicken?

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