• Bill Pay

    Save time and money with the convenience of Bill Pay.

    Paying bills has never been so easy. And, it’s free.

    • Access electronic bills and pay automatically
    • Create automatic payments for both recurring bills and one-time payments
    • Set up bill reminders
    • Review, change or cancel upcoming scheduled payments
    • View up to 24 months of payment history
    • Same-day bill payment and overnight checks available for a fee

    Are my bills paid electronically or is a check mailed out?

    The method of payment for each individual payee (i.e. vendor) truly depends upon the capabilities of that vendorThere are many factors used to determine the methodincluding payment amount, history and number of payments over a certain timeframe.

    Every payment request is evaluated individually and can change each time. In general, most of the larger payees, such as credit card and utility companies, have the ability to receive electronic payments. Vendors that are not capable of receiving electronic payments, such as day care providers or a landlord, are paid by an actual check.

    How do I schedule my payments? 

    Transactions begin processing 1 to 4 business days prior to your scheduled payment date depending on the vendor. Be aware that you can’t select a payment date when there is no delivery (i.e. Sunday or Federal holiday). It’s important to choose a date no later than the actual due date on your statement. If the due date falls on a non-business day, select a payment date at least one day earlier.

    Late payment service guarantee

    There are times when the handling and posting of payments will be delayed — due to factors beyond our control. We will bear responsibility for any late payment related charges up to $50.00 should a payment post after its due date — as long as the payment was scheduled in accordance with the guidelines described under "Bill Payment Scheduling.”  It’s important to note that payments must be scheduled by their actual due date, not according to a grace period.

    To get started you’ll need a Tech CU Checking Account and access to Online Banking.

    For important legal and disclosure notifications please read our Bill Pay Terms and Conditions.
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