Technology Credit Union Global Members Program Makes High Tech Workers Feel at Home

New-to-the-country workers can receive comprehensive financial services ranging from personal and business banking to wealth management

San Jose, Calif. (April 1, 2013) — Technology Credit Union recognizes that moving to a new country and beginning a new life presents a distinct set of challenges. That’s why the credit union offers a unique Global Members program — focusing on the financial needs of high tech immigrant workers.

The program takes into consideration the unique professional and personal circumstances of those who come to the Bay Area for employment. Whether it’s helping a new-to-the-country worker to open a bank account and establish credit, buy a new car or eventually purchase their first home, Tech CU supports its members in all financial aspects of their lives.

In fact, Tech CU has several members who, after opening their first U.S. bank account with the credit union, went on to start their own company and now do their business banking with Tech CU.

“I started in 2006 with a checking account,” said Tech CU member Ash DCosta. “Within four years, I went on to launch my company, Mobi Weave, Inc., an enterprise mobility startup that manages mobile devices and apps. Today, I do both my personal and business banking with Tech CU because I believe in the credit union’s mission to serve its members and I feel they understand my financial needs.”

“The smartest, most hardworking people in the world are coming to Silicon Valley to follow their dreams, but they still face challenges when it comes to establishing credit and setting up their finances for the first time,” explained Tech CU Chief Banking Officer Joe Anzalone. “We understand their needs because we’ve worked with the Valley’s high tech companies and employees for more than 50 years.”

Tech CU’s Global Members program consists of a core set of services that includes:

CreditStart: An exclusive loan program designed to assist employed individuals who are new to the U.S. with limited or no credit history. Members can apply for an auto loan with just two years of verifiable income in the U.S. or abroad. They can apply for a credit card with a letter verifying U.S. employment.

Foreign Remittance in partnership with XOOM®: This service allows individuals to quickly send money abroad for bank deposit or cash pickup. Deposits can either be sent directly to the recipient’s bank account or the recipient can pick up the cash within minutes at thousands of locations worldwide.

International Wires: Members can send and receive funds.

Travel Insurance: Tech CU has partnered with ExpertQuote Insurance Services, a Bay Area firm that offers travel medical insurance, to help those with visiting family members ensure guests are protected by medical coverage while in the U.S.

In addition, Tech CU recently launched a mobile check deposit service that allows members to conveniently deposit checks anywhere, anytime via their mobile phone. The credit union also recently launched Send Money Powered by PayPal™,

For more details, go to Tech CU Global Members Banking Program .


Founded in 1960 by the employees of Fairchild Camera and Instrument Semiconductor Division, Tech CU has served the high tech workforce in Silicon Valley for more than 50 years. Today, Tech CU is one of the largest credit unions in the country with more than 69,000 individual and business members and more than $1.7 billion in assets. The financial institution is recognized as one of the best managed and strongest in the country. Tech CU’s members have access to 65,000+ surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, online and mobile banking, 10 full-service branches throughout the Bay Area, and comprehensive mortgage , wealth management and business services.

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