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    Press Contact

    Linden Kohtz Garcia
    Phone: (512) 964-3784

    Annual Report

    Our theme for 2015 was reinvention — reflecting a year of significant change and growth for us.

    Annual Report ThumbnailTech CU Annual Report (PDF)

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    Tech CU Logos

    Have you ever wondered about our logo — what it is and how it was chosen? Some popular guesses are that it’s a gear or a pinwheel. But actually, it’s neither. It’s even received a couple of facelifts during our 50+ years in Silicon Valley. So, what is it?

    We were founded in 1960 by a group of employees from Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp (today’s Fairchild Semiconductor). Our logo represents the most important part of a camera — the aperture.

    An aperture is the opening that controls the amount of light that passes through a lens. It’s what brings about the clarity and sharpness of a photograph — enabling a photographer to achieve the best possible results. Our founders chose this to symbolize their hopes and vision for a new credit union.

    Just as the aperture adjusts to changing light to achieve the best possible results, if you’re open to possibilities and guidance, Tech CU will help you pursue your vision of financial success.

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    high resolution color eps    
    high resolution color eps   - Gradient Color With Tagline  
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    high resolution color eps   - White No Tagline  
    high resolution color eps   - White With Tagline  

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