• Checking Your Report

    It is common knowledge that your credit report, along with your credit score, is among the most important factors lenders consider when making credit and loan decisions. To get the loan amount and rate that you deserve, check your credit file from time to time to make sure of its accuracy.

    Unfortunately, it is possible for incorrect or outdated information to appear on your credit report. This could be due to typing errors that occur when data is keyed in to your file. In other instances the reason for the error could be that credit applicants provide incorrect or incomplete information or even apply under a different name

    Identity theft and the ensuing fraudulent activities can also cause serious damage to your credit. Financial ID thieves could steal key pieces of information, such as your Social Security number, credit card and bank account numbers to open new accounts or run up charges on existing accounts.

    What can you do?

    Request a copy of your credit report every few years and check it for accuracy to help avoid becoming a victim of human error or ID fraud. You can check whether all your personal information is correct, or if anyone has applied for credit in your name and if any accounts are being used without your knowledge, with the billing statement being sent to a different address.

    You can order a credit report from any of the main credit reporting agencies below:

    And if you are worried that submitting a request will have a negative effect on your credit, you can have peace of mind knowing that ordering your credit report directly from these agencies does not affect your credit score.

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