• Payments and Transfers

    We offer a variety of ways to do everything from paying your bills to performing transactions at thousands of merchants - safely and securely.

    Available through Online and Mobile Banking

    Bill Pay

    Pay non-Tech CU bills and stop worrying about writing checks or missed due dates.

    Member-to-Member Transfers

    Owe money to a friend who is a member? You can easily transfer funds between accounts.

    Available through Online Banking

    Bank-to-Bank Transfers

    Make your Tech CU loan payment by transferring funds from a different bank. Once set-up is complete, you can easily initiate an ACH credit or debit transaction between accounts.

    Payments available with your Tech CU Credit or Debit Card. Secure and easy way to pay.

    Apple Pay

    Cashless purchases worldwide using your Apple device.

    Google Pay

    Use your Android device worldwide wherever contactless payments are accepted.

    Samsung Pay

    Carry your Tech CU Debit and Credit cards on one device. Simply tap to checkout.

    ZelleOpens a new window, VenmoOpens a new window, Google WalletOpens a new window, Square CashOpens a new window, Apple Pay CashOpens a new window and Facebook MessengerOpens a new window (through your Facebook page) can also be used to make payments using your Tech CU Credit or Debit Cards.

    Card Manager

    Not a payment option but a great service to use with the above. Provides control over spending and purchase notifications.

    Other payment options


    Set up automatic payments to vendors (i.e. your gym, Netflix, subscriptions, etc.) or any regularly scheduled bill (electric company, trash pickup). These payments can be one-time or recurring. Simply set up the request with the vendor and provide your account number (13 digit format) along with Tech CU's Routing Number (ABA#) 121181976 (or a Tech CU debit/credit card number) to authorize payment. You can also set up monthly automatic payments for a Tech CU loan using our ACH form.


    Mobile Convenience

    Electronic Payments

    electronic payments

    Card Manager

    card mgr

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