• Tech CU Rewards Points FAQs

    [+] What is the Tech CU Rewards Points Program?

    [+] Who is eligible for the program?

    [+] Are there a maximum number of points you can earn?

    My Account

    [+] How do I know how many points I have?

    [+] Will my points expire?

    [+] Are there any fees for participating in the rewards program?

    [+] How can I earn points?

    Order Placement

    General Order Placement

    [+] How can I place my order?

    [+] Why do I need to provide my phone number?

    [+] Why do I need to provide my email address?

    [+] What if the reward I ordered isn't available?


    [+] Will I be charged for shipping?

    [+] How will my order be shipped?

    [+] Are gift cards the only item that can be shipped to a P.O. Box?

    [+] Can I ship my order to a different address?

    [+] Can I ship to an address outside of the United States?

    Order Status

    [+] How can I check on the status of my order?

    [+] How can I cancel my order once it’s been placed?

    [+] How long will it take to receive my order?


    [+] What should I do upon receipt of my order or if I receive a damaged order?

    [+] If your order is delivered by small package carrier such as UPS or FedEx:

    [+] I ordered multiple items but only one has arrived. What should I do?


    General Post-delivery

    [+] Can items be returned?

    [+] What if I have a problem with an item that I’ve had for a while?

    [+] I need a copy of my receipt for the warranty, what should I do?

    Gift Cards

    [+] I lost my gift card; can I get a replacement sent to me?

    [+] When does my gift card expire?

    [+] I ordered a $100 gift card but I received two $50 gift cards, why?

    eGift Cards

    [+] What are eGift cards?

    [+] Why do I need to enter an email address when I redeem my points for an eGift card?

    [+] When will my eGift card be emailed to me?

    [+] How do I know which gift cards are eGift cards?

    [+] Why are some gift cards available in both plastic and eGift card form?

    [+] I redeemed my points for an eGift card, but I haven’t received a confirmation email, what should I do?

    Travel redemption

    [+] How can I place an order for an airline ticket or book a hotel reservation?

    [+] Are there additional fees that I need to pay in order to make my reservation?

    [+] Can I cancel a travel reservation?

    [+] Are there any other rules related to travel redemption?

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