• eStatements

    Go paperless with eStatements from Tech CU.

    eStatements are electronic versions of your paper statements - offered in pdf (Acrobat) format. You can view eStatements for any Tech CU account or loan that receives paper statements (except credit cards). Plus, you can access eStatements as far back as September 2008 or when you first opened your account (whichever is later).

    To sign up for eStatements you must first sign up for Online Banking. Once you login, select “Request eStatements” under the documents tab.

    Benefits of eStatements:

    • It's absolutely FREE to all members.
    • Electronic Notices arrive faster than paper mail.
    • Eliminates paper clutter and saves trees.
    • Reduces the chance of becoming a victim of fraud/identity theft (minimizes the risk of paper statements getting lost or stolen while being sent through the mail).

    General eStatement FAQs:

    [ + ] What if I want to receive both electronic and paper statements?

    [ + ] What if I want to change my delivery preference?

    [ + ] Will I be able to view my eStatement through online banking even if I don't choose to receive them?

    [ + ] If I opt in, how will I receive my eStatements and/or Electronic Disclosures?

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