• Stay on track with a free credit report.

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  • Free Credit Score and Monitoring

    Make smart, informed decisions about your finances.

    Before enrollment, average credit score in your neighborhood is available.Knowing your credit score and monitoring it is key to understanding your financial outlook - it's also your right as an informed consumer. Don’t let your credit score surprise you. Our online banking and mobile app makes checking your credit score fast and easy. Also, you’ll get notified of changes to your TransUnion® report.

    • Exclusively for members
    • Review your full credit report
    • Viewing your credit score does not impact your credit history
    • Special savings with customized offers for auto, personal and home loans
    • We have partnered with SavvyMoney® to provide your free credit score and free credit monitoring through TransUnion

    Once you pull your credit score for the first time, you'll also be automatically enrolled in free credit monitoring. Your file will be scanned daily for key changes and an email alert will be sent when something significant happens.

    Make smarter financial decisions by understanding your credit and how to improve it. Check out our blog on Why Credit Scores Differ.


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    Online Banking

    Simply click the banner at the top right in Online Banking to set up these features.

    Sign in to Online Banking

    Not enrolled in Online Banking? Enroll here.

    Mobile Banking

    Check your credit score through Mobile Banking:

    1. Log in to Mobile Banking.
    2. Select the menu at the top left.
    3. Click “Credit Score” button.
    4. Credit score and monitoring at your fingertips!

    Don't have mobile banking? Download the app:

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