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  • Best time to buy a car

    Liann Walborsky

    There are all kinds of theories as to the best time of year (or month) to buy a car. We’ve compiled a few of the most popular approaches:

    Right before a new model rolls off the truck, can be a great time to get a deal on the prior year. Let’s be honest, most body shapes and features don’t change that much over a 12-month period. A salesperson looking to move a 2013 model off the lot, is going to be way more flexible on pricing than on a current year’s model. The cars may look almost the same, but the prior year sticker tends to make it not as appealing to some buyers — opening up a window for bargain hunters.

    Rainy days or bad weather days can also make a difference in bargaining. A salesperson sitting around all day waiting for someone to walk in the door is more likely to give you a deal.

    End of the month can also make a difference. Again, if a salesperson needs to make a quota and is a car or two short, it’s your chance to get a bigger discount.

    Beginning of the week – such as a Monday (as long as it isn’t a holiday) — can also be a fruitful time for a customer. Because weekends are probably the worst time to go car shopping (lots of potential buyers entering the showroom looking for help), a Monday or Tuesday can be a very quiet day at the car dealership.

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