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  • Notice of Change to Membership Handbook  

    Account Disclosure and Agreements 

    The VISA® DEBIT CARDS AND ATM CARDS section of Tech CU’s Consumer Member Handbook has been amended.

    As specified in the Liability for Unauthorized Use subsection of the Handbook, all VISA® Debit Card holders are automatically enrolled in VISA®’s Identity Theft Program and are protected by VISA®’s Zero Liability policy, meaning 100% protection in case of fraudulent signature-based transactions in most cases. However, VISA® recently updated its Zero Liability policy to state that if you are negligent in handling your Debit Card or reporting its loss or theft, your liability for a PIN or signature Debit Card transaction may be up to $50 under California law. VISA®’s Zero Liability policy previously held that Debit Card holders could be liable for a PIN or signature Debit Card transaction only if they were grosslynegligent in handling their Debit Cards or reporting their loss or theft.

    The Liability for Unauthorized Use subsection has been amended to reflect this change. This is the only change to the VISA® DEBIT CARDS AND ATM CARDS section of the Handbook. 

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