• Combine your Mortgage and Solar Loan into a single low payment. Brilliant!

    Combine Your Solar Loan with Mortgage Refinancing at Tech CU

  • You’re already a valued Tech CU member thanks to your Solar loan. Now, refinance your mortgage and your Tech CU Solar Loan with us for even more savings and one convenient monthly payment. It’s a smart way to refinance your mortgage loan.

    Check Your Qualifications

    You qualify for this special offer if...

    • You currently have a Solar Loan with Tech CU in California
    • You own a single-family residence
    • Your home is owner-occupied

    If you’ve checked all three, go ahead and make an appointment today in the Tech CU Virtual Branch to start your refinancing on approved credit.

    Don’t delay, your offer is good for 30 days from the date of the email offer you received. Reach out to us to combine your loans and reap the rewards.

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    Make an appointment today in the Tech CU Virtual Branch to speak with a banker and to start the refinancing process.

    Benefits of Refinancing Your Solar Loan & Mortgage with Tech CU

    • No lender costs+
    • No third-party costs+
    • No closing costs for your Solar Loan+


    • Great rates
    • Only one convenient payment
    • No hassles!

    Applies Only to First Mortgage Loan

    The rate/term is only to refinance a first mortgage loan and Tech CU Solar Loan. We’re unable to offer this rate for a second mortgage, or to customers who do not currently have a Tech CU Solar Loan. This offer is also not for a second mortgage on your home or for secondary financing.

    Rate Lock

    Your rate will have a 60-day rate lock from the time of your application submission.

    Available Solar/Mortgage Combinations

    Conforming Jumbo
    15-year Fixed 15-year Fixed
    30-year Fixed 30-year Fixed
    7-year (6 month adjusted) ARM* 7-year (6 month adjusted) ARM*

    Ready to refinance? Make an appointment today in our Virtual Branch to start the process with a knowledgeable Tech CU banker.

    +The Fine Print: No-Cost Loan Program Acknowledgement

    The purpose of this document is to clarify for the loan applicant (“you”) what costs Technology Credit Union (“we”, “us”) will absorb in our “No-Cost” loan program. This list does not reflect all possible costs that may arise in your loan transaction but is designed to give you a general idea of what Tech CU does and does not cover. All fees and costs will be reflected on the Closing Disclosure received at closing. If we pay a cost, it will be shown on the Closing Disclosure as a credit. If the loan pays off within 12 months, you will reimburse all closing costs the Credit Union absorbed to establish the loan.

    Costs Technology Credit Union Will Pay

    1. Points
    2. Origination Fees
    3. Appraisal Fees
    4. Credit Report Fees
    5. Lender’s Title Insurance
    6. Loan Escrow Fees
    7. Loan Document Preparation Fees
    8. Notary Fees
    9. Recording Fees for Loan Documents
    10. Tax Service Fees
    11. Flood Hazard Review Fees
    12. Lender’s Property Inspection Fees

    The following costs will not be paid by the Credit Union. Some of these costs are traditionally paid by the seller in sales transactions. Consult your sales contract for details, if applicable.

    Costs Technology Credit Union Will Not Pay

    1. Loan Broker Fees (if any). If you use a loan broker in connection with this loan, you will pay fees charged by the loan broker.
    2. Other Lenders’ Fees (if any). You must pay fees and costs imposed by other lenders, such as the following. This list is not all-inclusive, nor will you necessarily pay all of these fees and costs. Other lenders may charge other fees that you will have to pay.
      1. Prepayment penalties
      2. Payoff demand statement fees
      3. Accrued interest on late charges on loans you are paying off with your Tech CU loan proceeds
      4. Reconveyance fees
    3. City and County Transfer taxes (if any)
    4. Owner’s Title Insurance (if any)
    5. Sales Transaction Escrow Fees (if any)
    6. Taxes, Homeowner’s Insurance, Mortgage Insurance and Similar Costs (if any). You will pay these amounts whether paid to the payee or deposited into escrow for further disbursement by us as lender.
    7. Owner’s Property Inspection Fees (if any)
    8. Prepaid Interest (if any)
    9. Amounts Due to Seller (if any)
    10. Recording Fees for Sale Documents (if any)
    11. Special Services (if any). For example, if you are married and live in a community property state and want credit in your name alone, you will pay fees for preparing, notarizing, and recording a deed quitclaiming your spouse’s interest in your property to you.

    Ready to refinance by combining your Mortgage and your Tech CU Solar Loan? Ready to simplify your life AND save money? Let’s talk. Make an appointment today at Tech CU’s Virtual Branch and one of our bankers will get you started in the process.

    Remember, you have just 30 days to respond to the offer you received.

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    To answer your specific questions, a Tech CU banker will reach out to you by phone within the first few days of this special offer. We look forward to speaking with you!

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