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  • Online Banking Security

    Homepage Login

    Using the Online Banking login on the homepage is safe and secure. When you click the "Log In" button, your User Name is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, keeping your information secure.

    If you are at all uncomfortable with logging into Online Banking from the homepage, you always have the option of using the secure login page.

    Login Security

    At Tech CU, we take a serious approach to your online account security. We require a Multi-Factor Authentication log in process. The first part of our online security process involves user authentication—how we identify you when you log into Online Banking and verify that you are an authorized user on the account you are trying to access.

    How We Authenticate:

    • User Name: As part of the Online Banking security enrollment process, you create your own User Name.
    • Password: In the Online Banking security enrollment process, you establish an alpha-numeric Password.
    • Registered Computer: For computers that you use regularly to access Online Banking, you will have the opportunity to “register” with us. Logging in using a known computer gives us another way of identifying you and makes for a shorter login process.
    • Challenge Questions: Select from numerous possible Challenge Questions and provide your own answers. Challenge Questions will be used to help identify you when you are logging into Tech CU Online Banking from an unknown computer.

    With the increasing frequency and rising sophistication of phishing and spoofing attacks, we believe it has become equally important that you be able to confidently identify us. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that you are conducting your financial business on the Tech CU Online Banking website and not a fraudulent copy.

    That is why our login security process includes institution validation—how you verify that you are entering the legitimate Tech CU Online Banking website.

    How You Authenticate Us:

    • Welcome Phrase: You have the ability to create your own unique Welcome Phrase that will appear every time you log in—letting you know that you are entering the legitimate Tech CU Online Banking website.
    • Security Image: You will have your own unique image that will appear each time you log in. This will be yet another way you can tell that you are entering the legitimate Tech CU Online Banking website.

    To access Online Banking, you will go through a one-time enrollment process, using your member number and one-time activation code that will be emailed to you, to set up all the elements listed above. The User Name and Password you create can be used from that point forward to access Online Banking. After enrollment, you will be able to update your login information within Online Banking at any time.

    Quicken Users: When accessing your accounts from Quicken, use your online banking username as your “Customer ID/Member Number” and use your Password as your PIN.

    Transaction Security

    When using Online Banking, applying for a loan, or submitting an online form, your information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL). With SSL encryption your information is protected while traveling from your computer to us.

    When you perform select transaction and information changes within Online Banking, we will send a confirmation email to the email address we have on record. If you ever receive a confirmation email for a transaction or change that you did not authorize, please contact us immediately.

    Secure Email

    If you want to send us an email containing important personal information such as your account number, please login to Online Banking and use our Secure Email feature. We will respond back to your inquiry through Online Banking, keeping your personal and financial information secure.

    For general inquires, you can use our email contact form. We will respond back to the email address you enter.