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  • Great Fixed Rates—Don’t Wait!

    Tech CU provides a variety of fixed-rate mortgage loans, with terms ranging from 10 to 40 years. Fixed-rate mortgages give you the security of knowing your monthly principal and interest payment is fixed over the life of the loan—no matter how high market interest rates go, your mortgage rate will remain the same.

    A fixed-rate loan is recommended if you:

    • Prefer regular payments with no surprises
    • Are on limited or fixed incomes
    • Plan to stay in their homes a long time
    • Are buying a home at a time when interest rates are comparatively low

    Attention first-time homebuyers!

    You could receive a tax credit of up to $8,000 for the purchase of a principal resident on or after Jan 1, 2009 and before Dec. 1, 2009. Learn More.  

    10-Year Mortgage 
    15 and 20-Year Mortgages 
    30-Year Mortgage 
    40-Year Mortgage 
    Pre-payment penalty   N/A  N/A N/A  N/A 
    No-Cost loan   X  X X N/A 
    Bi-Weekly Payments   N/A  X X X
    Property limitations  California properties: primary residences, second or vacation homes. No investment properties. No condos, second or vacation homes, or investment properties; California properties only


    * Rate/monthly payment example assumptions: no points, 80% loan-to-value (LTV)/20% down payment, single family residence (non-condo) in California only. Rates as of 12/01/2008.

    Additional information on the options:

    No Cost Loans

    A No Cost version of this loan would require no lender closing costs to establish the loan.

    Bi-Weekly Payments

    If you are looking to pay off your mortgage principal faster and lower your total interest payments, our Bi-Weekly Payment option may be just right for you. Payments are due every 14 days as opposed to every month. As each payment is applied immediately to the loan’s principal balance, the Bi-Weekly Payment mortgage will be paid off sooner, resulting in significant interest savings over the life of the loan.

    Rates and terms subject to change without notice. Additional conditions may apply.  

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