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  • Feed Your Hunger for News

    Tech CU has just launched a new RSS (Really Simple Syndication) capability, so you can now view our latest news, events, and rates in your favorite aggregator!

    How to sign up

    Signing up for feeds is easy.

    1. Just go to our sign up page  
    2. Select a feed (e.g. news, events, rates)
    3. Either use our one-click process to add information to MyYahoo, Google Reader or Netvibes, or simply paste the provided URL into your reader.




    What else is new in Tech CU's online world?

    Online Banking Enhancement
    Tech CU has recently introduced new filters to help you sort your account activity in Online Banking. This feature is great for expense tracking, as your totals will always show at the bottom for each filter.

    When you select an account to see your account history, you will see a new “View” option.


    This allows you to filter out specific transactions, including credits, debits and cleared checks.

    Depending on what you select to filter, a secondary dynamic drop down appears to allow you to filter them further.

    For instance if you choose Debits, the dynamic drop down will allow you to drill down to just ATM withdrawals, POS transactions, transfers and bill payments (for checking accounts).

    (Please note that saving accounts won’t show POS or bill pay transactions since they don’t apply.)

     If you choose Credits, you will see ATM deposits, direct deposits, dividend postings and transfers.

    Selecting Cleared checks allows you to filter further by entering a check number range (optional).

    We welcome your feedback and comments. Please send your note to 

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