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  • A few words from Barbara Kamm, CEO - Mar 2013

    As we head towards longer days and warmer weather, many of us start to think about buying a new home or selling a current one. I recently heard about the home sold in the town of Woodside for $117.5 million, reportedly the most expensive home sale in the United States — right in our backyard! An anomaly, for certain, but in general we are seeing positive signs in the Bay Area housing market. The spring market is always one in which home sales tend to pick up, and, if you are thinking about making a change, please know that Tech CU has the range of products you need with loans from $80k all the way up to $8 million.

    On a separate note, we recently sent out a member communication aimed at gaining a sense of what’s on your mind. Our goal is to ask the right questions to better meet your expectations and inform you of relevant industry happenings. We appreciate the time many of you took to respond and plan on future communications.

    For now, relish the sunny days, take the time to step outside and enjoy.

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