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  • A few words from Barbara Kamm, CEO – June 2013

    Tech CU has dedicated considerable resources over the years in promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education. Towards that end, I was recently appointed to the Chancellor’s Business and Industry Advisory Council for the Foothill-DeAnza Community College District — a cause near and dear to my heart. I am a huge supporter of community colleges — one of my sons attended Foothill — as I firmly believe that there are many ways to receive a top-notch education and prepare oneself for the workforce. As high school graduates weigh their options for the Fall, I would urge them to consider that one can have a productive and rewarding career in STEM fields without receiving a four-year college degree. Foothill-DeAnza’s outstanding Manufacturing and CNC Technology program is just one example of community college offerings that can provide the vocational training needed to land a well-paying job.

    Other news I’d like to share is Tech CU’s participation (as the only credit union amongst 7 banks) in the first-ever affordable housing loan pool created by Housing Trust Silicon Valley. This $9 million fund provides from $500,000 to $2 million in initial startup financing to developers who are working on affordable, multi-family housing projects throughout the Bay Area. Over the next five years, it’s projected the program will help finance 24 developments — creating 1,800 permanently affordable rentals for low income working families, seniors and others with special needs.

    We’re all too aware of the region’s higher-than-average housing costs, and by partnering with the Housing Trust, we continue to show our commitment to supporting increasing the amount of affordable housing in the area.

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