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  • A few words from Barbara Kamm, CEO – August 2013

    Someone recently asked me if there was a way to slow down time. Unfortunately, I’m not privy to any secret formula, although each year, I can hardly believe that the summer is once again, almost over. School is nearly upon many of you — and with that, thoughts that turn to school books, new clothing, supplies and homework. A new academic year always has that fresh feeling, as if anything is possible. It’s also a great time for students to begin thinking about what they spend each day and how to better manage their money.

    I know this is a bane for many parents, myself included — teaching our younger folks the value of money and how to stop treating a parent like an ATM machine. At Tech CU, we’re here to help by offering both checking and savings accounts specifically geared to high school and college age kids. For example, our Click Checking account has no minimum balance requirement or monthly fee. We also offer a small credit line that can help students begin understanding the concept and importance of building credit. These products are wonderful tools for kids to learn about budgeting and paying their own bills.

    Well, so much for slowing down the clock. Take it easy and enjoy the remaining days of summer.

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