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  • Protecting your Tech CU VISA® CheckCard

    CheckCard fraud is on the rise in the United States and abroad, and Tech CU is committed to protecting you.

    To ensure security on your Tech CU CheckCards, Tech CU now offers Fraud Services, which uses a software application that detects card fraud based on transaction risk.

    In short, each transaction that you complete with your Tech CU CheckCard is assigned a score on a risk-based scale. If it is deemed to be a high-risk transaction, the Fraud Services team will attempt to contact you to determine if it is a legitimate transaction. Depending on the severity of the score, we may put a temporary block on your account if you cannot be reached, securing the card against fraud.

    Fraud Services monitors both signature-based and PIN-based transactions on Tech CU CheckCards 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While you can rest assured that the system used by Fraud Services is the latest in fraud management protection, you should still be sure to contact a Tech CU representative if you suspect that your CheckCard may have been compromised.

    Be sure to call a Tech CU representative before you leave on a trip to let us know that you'll be traveling. We will put a note on your account that the Fraud Services team will review in conjunction with any transactions made with your CheckCard. Keep in mind, however, that we may still elect to block your card for your protection.

    For more information about this complimentary service, or to report any suspected fraud on your Tech CU CheckCard, send us a secured message or contact a Tech CU representative at (408) 451-9111 or (800) 553-0880. You may also contact the Fraud Services team directly at (888) 241-2440 or call them collect at (909) 941-1034 from outside the United States.