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    making seasonal purchases

    March 14, 2013 Posted by: Liann Walborsky

    We’ve all heard of the “best” time of the year to buy a car. The President’s Day holiday in February, for example, is a big weekend for sales. In addition, heading into the fall when new car models are coming out, you can often snag a good deal on the prior year’s version because dealers needs to clear out their lots. But what about other big ticket items like appliances and rugs? Believe it or not, there are certain months when the best deals can be found on a variety of higher cost items — allowing you to maximize your savings. We’ve also included what drives sales during these months.


    The first three months of the year tend to be a “recovery” period from the holidays. Purchases for the home are often more popular along with weight loss systems. This is also a time when people start to think about spring vacation and summer travel. Deals can be found on: 

    January: TVs, blankets, quilts, fabric and linens 

    February: Bedding, furniture 

    March: Washers and dryers, air conditioners, china and glassware 


    April and May are a time when people spend their tax return and often decide to make a one-time large purchase. Home improvement can be on folks’ minds as they start to think about summer, along with items used for home organization. Deals can be found on: 

    April: Kitchen ranges, paint and wallpaper 

    May: Radios, TVs and linens 


    Certain items do really well during the summer, others don't. The first half of the summer is usually devoted to recreation, while the second half is driven by school-related sales. Because storm windows are generally needed in the winter, summer is a good time to find them at a lower cost. Deals can be found on: 

    June: Bedding, furniture and storm windows 

    August: Linens and rugs 


    Because wedding season tends to be in the spring through the summer, china and glassware vendors tend to hold their sales in the fall. In addition, with people thinking about school and planning for Christmas, bigger items like rugs tend to be forgotten about. Deals can be found on:  


    September: China and glassware 

    October: Rugs and fabrics 


    When do you make your big-ticket purchases? Have you found varying prices depending on the time of the year?

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