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  • Mortgage Loan Process

    1. Choose Your Loan 

    2. Apply 

    3. Tech CU Processes Loan
    Once you have submitted your application, we will start processing your application following these steps:

    • Your credit report is ordered.
    • Income and assets are verified.
    • A professional appraiser determines the home's market value.
    • If everything is in order, an approval decision is made.

    4. You Get Approved 

    5. Loan Documents Signed
    If your loan application is approved, your Mortgage Consultant will coordinate the loan signing.

    6. Your Loan is Funded
    Once all the documents are signed, the credit union will take care of disbursing all funds to the appropriate parties.


Why Tech CU?

whytechcu Why Tech CU Video (2:23 mins.)

54 years ago, forward-thinking high-tech employees at Fairchild Semiconductor knew there was a better way to bank.

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