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  • Tech CU Visa® CheckCard

    A Tech CU Visa® CheckCard is the most versatile shopping tool you can carry.



    • Use your VISA CheckCard for all of your purchases, instead of writing a check. Because the VISA CheckCard carries the VISA logo, it can be used in place of a check wherever VISA is accepted, worldwide.
    • There is no monthly bill to pay. Your purchase is debited directly from your Checking account.
    • Use it as an ATM card to withdraw cash, make deposits and loan payments, obtain mini-statements, and perform account transfers.
    • Make purchases at any Point of Sale (POS) location, including gas stations and grocery stores.


    • When you receive your Tech CU Visa CheckCard, you'll be automatically enrolled in the Visa Personal ID Theft Program details (PDF).
    • Visa’s Zero Liability policy means 100 percent protection against fraud. You have complete liability protection for all card transactions that take place on the Visa system.
    • Our CheckCard Fraud Management Program actively monitors all CheckCard transactions for fraudulent activities. Learn more about this.

    How to get your Visa® card

    To instantly receive a Tech CU CheckCard, simply visit any of our financial centers, call a Member Services Representative at 408-451-9111 or 800-553-0880 during regular business hours, or order one via Online Banking

    When you order a CheckCard via the telephone or Online Banking, you will receive it within 7 to 10 business days.

    A Tech CU checking account is required to secure a CheckCard. To report a lost or stolen check card, please call (408) 451-9111 or (800) 553-0880 during regular business hours. After business hours, please call (888) 241-2510.

    VerifiedByVisaWebWhite.jpgBefore you use your card for online purchases, register with Verified by VISA®. It can help prevent unauthorized use of your Visa card. And, when you shop, simply give your user ID and password to authenticate your purchases. It's easy and secure.

Why Tech CU?

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