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  • Online Banking Terms and Conditions

    This Agreement governs the use of Technology Credit Union Online Banking Service, referred to as the "Service," provided by Tech CU. By using the Service to conduct banking transactions or bill payments, you agree to the terms of this Agreement. 


    As used in this Agreement, "account" and "accounts" mean the Technology Credit Union account(s) tied to your member number used through Online Banking to conduct transactions. "Loan account" and "loan accounts" mean any loan you have with the Credit Union or Technology Credit Union Real Estate Services. "You," "your," and "yours" mean the person(s) using the Service. "We," "our," us," and "Credit Union" refer to the individual Credit Union that holds your accounts.

    Account Agreements 

    The terms and conditions in this Agreement are in addition to any account agreements you have with the Credit Union, including your Signature Card, Member Handbook Account Disclosures and Agreement, Technology Credit Union's Rules and Regulations for Share Accounts, as amended, Tech CU's Schedule of Fees & Charges or any accompanying schedules, Tech CU's Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure (together with the "Account Agreement"), any overdraft protection agreement, any loan agreement you have with Tech CU, and any change of terms notices.

    Required Equipment 

    In order to use the Online Banking Service, you need a computer (in this Agreement, your computer and the related equipment are referred to together as your "Computer") with a web browser (we strongly recommend the following which support the highest encryption methods available: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Firefox 9 or higher and Safari 5.0 or higher.), a member number, and Personal Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is the confidential personal identification number you use to access your account(s) through Online Banking and CALL-24 Phone Banking. Using your number number and PIN, you can enroll in the Online Banking login security system.

    You are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and operation of your Computer, browser and the software. Technology Credit Union is not responsible for any errors or failures from any malfunction of your computer, the browser or the software. Tech CU is also not responsible for any computer virus or related problems that may be associated with the use of an online system.

    The Service 

    To use Online Banking, you must have at least one Technology Credit Union personal share account and enroll in our login security system. Through Online Banking, you will have access to any of your Technology share accounts or loan accounts associated with your member number. Tech CU reserves the right to deny access to a deposit account or loan account or to deny transactions under certain circumstances.

    Description Of Online Banking 

    The Service allows you to perform some or all of the following functions from your Computer:

    Online Account Access Functions

    You may use Online Banking to (a) transfer funds between your accounts; (b) obtain account balances; (c) obtain history and transaction information on your accounts; and (d) obtain loan account balance information. These features are limited to the extent, and subject to the terms, noted below.

    i. Your ability to transfer funds between certain accounts is limited by federal law and the Account Agreement. You should refer to the Member Handbook Account Disclosures & Agreements for legal restrictions and service charges applicable for excessive withdrawals or transfers. Transfers made using the Online Banking Service are counted against the permissible number of transfers described in the Member Handbook.

    ii. There may be at least a one business day delay in transferring funds between your accounts. Except as provided in this Agreement, all banking transaction instructions received by 12:00 a.m. (midnight) Pacific Standard Time will be completed that business day. Any instruction received after 12:00 a.m. (midnight) Pacific Standard Time will be completed the next business day.

    iii. Transactional information for your accounts will be available from Online Banking for a maximum of three statement cycles from the date of inquiry.

    Exclusion Of Warranties 

    Online Banking and related documentation are provided "as is" without any warranty of any particular kind either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

    Login Security 

    Enrollment in the Online Banking login security system is required to access Technology Credit Union's Online Banking and Bill Pay Services. To enroll, you need your member number and a one-time Activation Code.  An activation code will be emailed to you after answering a few verification questions. 

    In the enrollment process, you will create the necessary components to access Tech CU Online Banking:  

    User Name & Password: The User Name and Password will be used each time you log into Online Banking to access your account.

    Welcome Message & Security Image: The Welcome Message and Security Image will be displayed each time you log into Online Banking to verify that you are logging into the legitimate Tech CU Online Banking website. 

    Challenge Questions & Registered Computer: When you attempt to log into Online Banking using a computer not previously registered on our website, you will be given a challenge question to answer as an added level of security.  Each you log in from an unknown computer, you will have the opportunity to register that computer with our website.

    You agree not to give or make available your User Name, Password or any login security information to any unauthorized individual. If you believe your User Name or Password has been lost or stolen, someone has attempted to use the Online Banking Service without your consent, your account(s) or loan accounts have been accessed, or someone has transferred money without your permission, you must notify Technology Credit Union immediately. Technology Credit Union does not maintain a record of your PIN/Password. If you lose or forget your PIN/Password, contact Tech CU immediately.

    In an effort to provide the highest degree of confidentiality and security, Tech CU recommends the use of browsers that provide encryption using a 128-bit key. The higher the level of encryption, the harder it is for unauthorized people to read information. Tech CU recommends that members protect their valuable financial information by using the most secure encryption possible. Tech CU is not liable for losses resulting from the use of encryption lower than 128-bit. Tech CU is only liable for losses resulting from unauthorized transactions if it does not follow reasonable security procedures. If you elect to use a browser that does not meet Tech CU's security recommendation, this implies your acceptance of this risk.

    Your Liability For Unauthorized Payments 

    You should contact Technology Credit Union immediately if you believe your PIN/Password or account number(s) has been lost or stolen, if an unauthorized person has learned your PIN/Password and/or account number(s), if you believe your account(s) has been accessed and/or someone has performed an unauthorized transaction from your account. Notifying Tech CU immediately by phone could minimize your possible losses.

    If you notify Tech CU within two (2) business days of an unauthorized transaction, your maximum liability will be $50. If you do not tell us within two (2) business days after you learn of the loss or theft of your PIN/Password and/or account number(s), and we can prove we could have stopped someone from accessing your account(s) without your permission if you had notified us, then you could lose as much as $500.

    Also, should your statement show banking transactions or payments that you did not make or authorize, please tell us immediately. If you do not tell us within 60 days after the statement was mailed, you may not get back any of the money you lost if we can show that we could have stopped the unauthorized banking transaction(s) or payment(s) if you had notified us in time. This means you could lose all your money in your account plus your maximum overdraft line of credit.

    You agree to assist Technology Credit Union in its efforts to recover any funds that were transferred or paid without your permission or consent. Refer to the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure Terms and Conditions.

    Errors And Questions 

    In case of errors or questions about the Online Banking Service, banking transactions, or payments, you must notify us at once. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we send you the first statement on which the problem or error appeared. For all errors, you must:

    1. Tell us your name, account number(s), loan number(s) (if applicable), and address;
    2. Describe the error about which you are unsure, and explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information; and
    3. Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error.
    4. If you tell orally, we may require that you send your complaint or question, in writing, within ten (10) business days.
    5. We will tell you the results of our investigation within five (5) business days after we hear from you and will correct any error promptly. If we need more time, however, we may take up to 45 days to investigate the complaint or question. If we decide to do this, we will credit your account within five (5) business days for the amount you think is in error, so that you may have the use of the money during the time it takes us to complete our investigation. If we ask you to put your complaint or question in writing and we do not receive it within ten (10) business days, we may not credit your account.
    6. If we determine there was no error, we will mail you a written explanation within three (3) business days after we finish the investigation. You may ask for copies of documents that we used in our investigation. Refer to the Technology Credit Union Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure for more information.

    Data Recording 

    When you access Online Banking to conduct transactions, the information you enter may be recorded. By using Online Banking, you consent to such recording.

    No Signature Required 

    When using Online Banking to conduct banking transactions or to pay bills, you agree that the Credit Union may debit your account to complete the banking transactions, pay bills, or honor debits you have not signed.

    Disclosure Of Account Information To Third Parties

    We will disclose information to third parties about your account, the banking transaction(s) or the payment(s) you make only in the following situations:

    1. Where it is necessary for completing banking transactions or bill payments;
    2. In order to verify the existence and condition of your account(s) to a third party, such as a credit bureau;
    3. In order to comply with laws, government agency rules or orders, court orders, or officials having legal authority to request such information;
    4. If Technology Credit Union has entered into an agreement to have another party provide the Service; or
    5. If you give us your written permission.

    Technology Credit Union also reserves the right to disclose information about your accounts(s), banking transactions, and payments to affiliated companies at the Credit Union's discretion.


    You will not be charged for the use of Technology Credit Union Online Banking and Bill Pay services. However, there may be fees associated with specific banking transactions initiated within Online Banking, such as stop payment requests.

    Your accounts and loan accounts are still subject to the fees, charges, balance requirements, etc. articulated in the Member Handbook Account Disclosures & Agreements, Schedule of Fees & Charges, and any applicable Loan Agreement.


    Alterations And Amendments 

    The terms of this Agreement, applicable fees, and service charges may be altered or amended by Technology Credit Union from time to time. In such event, Tech CU shall send notice to you at your address as it appears on Tech CU's records. Any continuation of Online Banking after Tech CU sends you a notice of change will constitute your agreement to such change(s). Further, Tech CU may, from time to time, revise or update the Tech CU program, services, and/or related material(s) rendering such prior versions obsolete. Consequently, Tech CU reserves the right to terminate this Agreement as to all such prior versions of the Tech CU programs, services, and/or related material(s) and limit access to Tech CU's more recent versions and updates.

    Address Changes 

    You agree to promptly notify Technology Credit Union, in writing or through Online Banking, of any address change.

    Termination Or Discontinuation 

    The use of Online Banking does not require enrollment on your behalf, therefore, termination of Online Banking by you is done by not accessing or using the Service. However, any banking transactions or payments you have previously authorized will be completed as instructed.

    Neither termination nor discontinuation shall affect your liability or obligation under this Agreement.

    Payee Limitation 

    Technology Credit Union reserves the right to impose a frequency or dollar limit on or refuse to make any payment you have directed. Tech CU is obligated to notify you promptly if it decides to refuse to complete your payment instruction. This notification is not required if you attempt to make payments which are prohibited under this Agreement.


    In the event of a dispute regarding Online Banking, you and Technology Credit Union agree to resolve the dispute by looking to this Agreement. You agree that this Agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between you and Tech CU, which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communications between you and Technology Credit Union relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. If there is a conflict between what one of Tech CU's employees says and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement have final control.


    You may not assign this Agreement to any other party. Technology Credit Union may assign this Agreement to any present or future, directly or indirectly, affiliated company. Tech CU may also assign or delegate certain of its rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to independent contractors or other third parties.

    No Waiver 

    Technology Credit Union shall not be deemed to have waived any of its rights or remedies hereunder unless such waiver is in writing and signed by Technology Credit Union. No delay or omission on the part of Tech CU in exercising any right or remedy shall operate as a waiver of such right or remedy or any other rights or remedies. A waiver on any particular occasion shall not be construed as a bar or waiver of any rights or remedies on future occasions.


    The captions of sections hereof are for convenience only and shall not control or affect the meaning or construction of any of the provisions of this Agreement.

    Governing Law 

    This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Credit Union is located and by applicable Federal laws and regulations.