• Making it easier to see all your loan details in one spot.

  • Solar Loan Statement Redesign

    Based on your feedback, we’ve made changes to your solar loan statement—making it easier to see all your loan details in one spot. You’ll get a monthly dedicated statement starting in April. The best part of this change is that you won’t have to cut off a payment coupon anymore — now your statement will include a perforated payment coupon for your convenience.

    Have more questions regarding the change? No problem!  We’ve put together the following Q&A for you:

    Q: Why am I not receiving my solar loan information on my savings/checking/ deposit statement?
    A: We made improvements for our solar loan members by separating out the solar loan information from the deposit account information. Now you’ll receive a statement dedicated to listing solar loan information only.

    Q: What do I do with my current coupon book?
    A: Feel free to shred and recycle it at this point, or use it to make additional principal payments by mail.

    Q: Will I get a savings/checking/deposit account statement still?
    A: Yes, you will receive a separate statement with deposit account information only.

    Q: Why are the joint owners listed in a different area on the new design?
    A: To assure joint owners are identified on the statement, we wanted to place their names at the top of the statement, making the information easier to find. The first joint account owner (listed as Joint) is already being listed in the address block.

    Q: Can I have the duplicate name removed from my statements?
    A: Yes, Please call our Member Contact Center at (800) 553-0880.

    Q: Why does my account number on the statement look different?
    A: We changed the formatting of the Account Number to be the full 13 digits. This change allows for more efficient payment processing.

    Q: Will my due date change?
    A: No - the redesign does not change your due date.

    Q: What if I have Bill Pay set up with another financial institution?
    A: This will not affect your previous Bill Pay set up. NO action required if you have Bill Pay set up with another financial institution.

    Q: What if I get e-statements  will that change?
    A:  No, you will continue to receive e-statements. Your e-statements will reflect the new design and you will also be able to see the back of the first page, which contains disclosure information.

    Q: Foreign Addresses – Sometimes the country name is cut off. Will that be corrected?
    A: Yes, in the old statement style we had identified five lines for the address block.  The new version allows for us to print six lines.  This will allow us to accommodate longer addresses.

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