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  • Equifax Breach – Keeping your Information Safe

    Was Tech CU affected by the Equifax® breach? 

    No, we were not breached.  

    Who should I contact?

    Call Equifax at (866) 447-7559, or head to the Equifax security page to see if your data was compromised.

    How can I protect my Financial Information?

    • Monitor your account activity frequently for unusual transactions. The sooner fraud is identified, the less impact it can have. Be aware that there are possible fraudulent websites attempting to collect private information during this breach.
    • Consider signing up for free credit scores, monitoring and reports through our partner, SavvyMoney, who works with TransUnion. This is a free service. Keep in mind that monitoring is not prevention.
      • To sign up, log into online banking and click the top right banner (SavvyMoney).
      • Here, you can look for any new recent accounts that may not seem familiar and view your full credit report for free.
      • You will be automatically notified of changes related to credit accounts, change of address, and changes in employment — all relevant to identity monitoring.
    • Consider placing a security freeze on your credit activity with the major credit bureaus (note: there may be a charge for this):  
    • Set fraud alerts on all of your financial accounts that have this feature.
    • Change your passwords (every account should have its own password). Choosing a strong one (without easily identifiable information) is one of the most important steps you can take. Never share passwords or write them down.
    • Get a free credit report at Annual Credit

    What is Tech CU doing to protect my data?

    We take your privacy and financial security very seriously, and work to keep it safe by continuously monitoring accounts for fraudulent activity.

    You can always contact us at (800) 553-0880 with any further questions. 

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