• Earn up to 5.50% APY* without losing access to your money

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  • Unlock These Savings, Unlock Your Life

    With your high yield savings account, you can unlock up to 5.50% APY* without locking up your money. You worked hard to save your money, so let us help you grow it.

    Here’s how it works

    2 Accounts

    Open a Checking Account along with your new High Yield Savings Account.

    Low Minimum

    Low minimum balance. Just set up a monthly Direct Deposit of at least $1,500 and use your Debit Card 5 times or more per month.

    Earn High Returns

    And that’s it! You’ll get 5.50% APY* on new to Tech CU money up to $5,000 and a highly competitive blended rate for larger amounts.

  • Tiered Structure For Savings Above $5,000

    Plus, you can continue to earn a savings APY* that blows most banks out of the water when you deposit over $5,000. See the table on the right to see the APY* that would correspond to your savings balance.

    Deposit – Avg Balance

    Tier Range APY*
    $0 - $5,000.00 5.50%
    $5,000.01-10,000.00 2.50%
    $10,000.01 - $20,000.00 1.50%
    $20,000.01+ 0.20%
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  • Federally Insured by NCUA

    *Annual Percentage Yield accurate as of 2/1/24. To qualify for this offer, open a new Tech CU High-Yield Savings Account and a Tech CU Checking Account, receive $1,500 or more monthly in direct deposits (excluding bank-to-bank transfers) in any account, and post at least 5 debit card transactions every calendar month. The first direct deposit and first five debit card transactions must be posted within the first two calendar months after account opening. For example, if your opening date was 2/1/24, you would need to have direct deposits of at least $1,500 and posted 5 debit card transactions between 3/1/24 and 3/31/24. If all qualifying transactions are posted during the calendar month, the first $5,000 in the High-Yield Savings Account will earn 5.50% APY, the next $5,000 will earn 2.50% APY, the next $10,000.00 after that will earn 1.50% APY, and balances $20,000.01 and above will earn 0.20% APY, meaning blended APY may change after account opening. “New-to-Tech CU money” means funds deposited into a member’s account from an external source within 21 days of account opening. Limited to one High-Yield Savings Account per membership. Tech CU may modify these terms without notice. See Tech CU’s Truth in Savings disclosure for more details.

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