• Protection Against Business Fraud

    Don't let your business become a victim of online fraud.

    Tips for Securing Your Business Online

    • Minimize the number of computers you use for online banking
    • Block pop-ups
    • Don’t use public Internet access points to access online banking
    • Use known and trusted anti-virus and anti-spyware/malware detection
    • Never open up attachments or click links on unsolicited emails

    Best Practices for Employees

    • Establish user accounts/passwords for individual users and limit admin rights
    • Require employees to use strong passwords and change them frequently
    • Quickly deactivate and remove access rights from employees who have been terminated or transferred

    How do I know if my system has been compromised?

    Monitor and reconcile your accounts at least once a day. Some key clues that may indicate fraud include:

    • Changes in your computer’s performance
    • Loss of speed
    • Changes in appearance
    • Unexpected re-booting
    • Pop-up messages

    Suspect fraud?

    Your business should have a contingency plan in place for system recovery. Also, make sure your employees know how and to whom to report suspicious activity.

    If you are concerned, immediately stop all online activity and remove your computer from the network. Contact your financial institution immediately and take the following actions:

    • Disable current online banking access
    • Change all passwords
    • Open new accounts
    • Check accounts for new payees, address and phone number changes, additional card requests, new users, etc.
    • Review all processed and pending activity; cancel anything appearing to be fraudulent immediately
    • Maintain a chronological log of events and file a police report immediately

    For more information about best practices to avoid fraud, contact us at (800) 448-1467.

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