• Account Analysis

    Account Analysis is a program that combines all the deposit accounts of your business into a single-family relationship.

    Account Analysis Services will allow you to take advantage of all of the balances in your accounts to offset some or all of the ongoing service charges that may incur on your account relationship. This program provides better pricing for many of our services, potentially benefiting you with lower banking costs.

    How Account Analysis Works

    When you open a Commercial Business Account, you will receive a monthly online statement, providing detailed analysis of your transactions and balances. It is similar to an invoice that captures both account activity and cost. If your earnings’ credit allowance is greater than the cost of your account activity, you will not be charged for the month’s services.

    Commercial Business Services is a one-stop resource to help your company manage a variety of cash flow needs:

    • Account Analysis can be applied to a single account or to a group, offering insight into which services are being used and balances needed to cover charges.
    • Monthly Account Analysis statements track account activity, allowing you to group accounts and use excess balances from one account to help pay for another.

    Pricing for accounts, services, and transactions are charged differently from non-Account Analysis accounts.

    If you have further questions regarding Account Analysis please contact us as (408) 441-4752 or visit our local branch.

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