• Solar Financing for Business 

    The right financing choice depends on your ability to use the solar tax incentives – a 30% energy credit and the ability to expense the system in the first year.  If your business has enough Federal taxable income to use the solar tax incentives, our solar loan is the right choice.

    We finance the full equipment price so no cash investment is required. The system usually generates positive cash flow over the loan term because the combination of utility bill savings and tax incentives over the loan term are greater than the debt service.

    We finance from $100,000 to $3 million with loan terms from five to ten years.

    If you are a business that is considering financing solar, contact us and we will help you structure a loan or lease that works for you.

    What is the tax incentive?

    Two big tax incentives are available when you install solar:

    • A federal energy credit equal to 30% of the system price, which is applied directly to your federal tax liability. The credit can be carried back one year and carried forward twenty years.
    • Immediate tax write-off.  The system cost can be expensed for federal tax purposes in the year it’s placed in service - with one condition. The amount that can be expensed is reduced by half the amount of the energy credit. In other words, 85% of the system can be expensed.

    The combination of these incentives reduces the cost of solar by 55% to 70% depending on your tax status. 

    If you don’t have enough taxable income to use the incentives, we provide a lease financing option(link this to the new page we’ll create below for leasing).

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