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  • Leadership

    Executive Bios (officers and board)

    Executive Management Team

    Barbara Kamm, President and CEO
    Todd Harris, EVP/Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer
    Joe Anzalone, EVP/Chief Banking Officer
    Al Cadman, EVP/Chief Credit Officer

    Board of Directors

    Mical Atz Brenzel, Chair
    Peter Donahower, Vice Chair and Finance Committee
    Robert E. Bylin, Finance Chair
    Barbara Kamm, CEO, Treasurer and Secretary 
    John W. "Jack" Wedgwood, Compensation Committee and Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee
    Joe Shepela, Compensation Committee (Chair) and Nominating and Governance Committee
    Karen Brochier, Finance Committee
    Kirk Bloede, Compensation Committee 
    Rob Herb

    Supervisory Committee

    Supervisory Committee

    Tom L. Hall, Chair
    Bob Luong, Vice Chair
    Steven Fisher, Secretary
    Jeffrey M. Lee
    Karen Rogge