• Employee Testimonials


    In the 20+ years that I’ve been here, I feel respected and valued for what I bring to Tech CU.


    We all contribute to the projects in the best way possible, teaming up and collaborating to produce the best business outcomes. Joining Tech CU has been one of my best decisions.


    Throughout my 1 year run in working with Tech CU, the main thing I love is the genuine support you receive at Tech CU. All team members from your department constantly have your back and help you prosper. You also have team members who reach out to you from different departments to check on you and offer help to ensure you are continuing to progress. The word I would use to describe this would be “family.”


    I have been with Tech CU for a long time. I grew as Tech CU grew as a company and I am who I am today because Tech CU allowed me to advance in my career. Thank you, Tech CU, for being there for me always.


    I was worried that starting a new job during Shelter in Place would make it challenging to get to know stakeholders of the company, establish rapport with my team, and stay connected with my boss; however, I immediately felt welcomed by the entire company through emails, calls, Team chats, video calls, etc.

    I feel respected and valued for what I bring to Tech CU. People genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team. Management and HR are sincerely interested and take active participation in setting you up for success—be that frequent check-ins or elaborate meetings on benefits, time off, etc.

    I get satisfaction being in a role where I can make an impact in someone’s life by helping them further their career, and also by contributing to the company’s bottom line and member experience by establishing and streaming some of the internal processes. The encouragement to come up with my own vision for my team and processes is gratifying as well.


    If you are looking for a career that encourages a work and life balance, look no further! Tech CU management took the time to understand who I am as a person and gave me an amazing career path that allowed me to be promoted in the position that I was most interested in, which included advanced Banking and Leadership skills. I am forever thankful for all the Paid Holidays, approved PTO, amazing Management Team and continued support during these unprecedented times of 2020!


    I did not have any financial industry experience, as I came from managing athletic retail stores. The application, recruiting and onboarding experience was awesome! I was amazed by how the new employees like myself were treated with high importance. I am now going on 1 year and 5 months at Tech CU and was able to be promoted within the first year. I love working here because Tech CU really cares about employee development. I completed the Future Step Program and I am currently going through the Leadership and Management Preparation program. I can say the Tech CU truly cares for their employees.


    At Tech CU, everyone truly supports each other. We don’t only celebrate our BIG accomplishments, we celebrate the small ones as well. The main reason why I love working here at Tech CU is because we are not only a TEAM - we’re a FAMILY.


    The team here at Tech CU is mission driven, motivating you to bring your whole self to work. While total compensation is often sought after, the guarantee of a healthy work-life balance and ability to work remotely has influenced my decision to be a part of the team at Tech CU. Leadership believes in the customer experience, prioritizing projects and efforts to bolster the relationship between Tech CU and their members. The pace is challenging yet fair and leadership promotes open communication and change. Change that you have a direct impact on.

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