• Stockpile – Give, Buy or Redeem Stock

    Get hundreds of top stocks with no age or account minimum.

    In partnership with Stockpile, we provide an easy and affordable way to purchase stock with the option of purchasing fractional or full shares. It’s that simple. You decide how much you want to purchase, in amounts ranging from $1.00 up to $1,000, with the option of choosing from hundreds of available stocks. Kids and teens can even participate by signing up with an adult.

    Here’s how it works:

  • Three quick and easy steps:

    • Create an e-gift online.
    • Stockpile will email your e-gift to the recipient.
    • Your e-gift is ready to redeem for stock!

    *NOTE: You can buy endless gifts without having to open a Stockpile account.

    You have your gift of stock, now what?

    • Redeem whenever you want, there’s no expiration date.
    • Switch your stock by choosing from hundreds of options
    • Link your Stockpile account to your Tech CU checking account
    • Swap your stock for a retail store card.

    Want to partake in the fun? You can buy stock too.

    • Easy account set-up and purchase in minutes.
    • Pick a stock and desired amount to place your order.

    Only $0.99 to buy or sell.

  • Choose from hundreds of stocks

    Stockpile offers a variety of options from different companies in various industries. For example:

    • Technology (Facebook., eBay, PayPal, Google)
    • Automotive & Travel (Tesla, Acura, Southwest Airlines)
    • Electronics (Apple, Kindle, Pandora)
    • Entertainment (Discovery Communications, Comcast, Disney)
    • Food & Drink (Coca-Cola, General Mills, Hershey)
    • Luxury (Bentley, Hermes, Coach)
    • Sports & Rec (Adidas, Cabela’s, Fitbit)
    • Kids (Mattel, Tootsie Roll, Hasbro)
    • And many more…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    [+] How do I give a Stockpile gift card?

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