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  • Selling a Gift Card

    Chris O'Shea

    How to sell unwanted gift cards 

    Now that the holidays are over, there’s a good chance you’re sitting with a gift card (or several) that you don’t know what to do with. Perhaps for a restaurant that doesn’t have locations near you. Or perhaps for a retailer that you don’t particularly enjoy. Your best bet? Sell the cards. Here’s how to go about doing that.


    • Do Some Research. Selling a gift card online can be an easy process. However, be cautious, as there are lots of fake gift card selling sites out there. Do plenty of research first to make sure the site you’re selling to it legitimate. As US News reports, your first stop should be, a site that not only reviews gift card resellers, but also displays how much value your specific card has.
    • Try the Popular Sites. There are a few legit card resellers out there. Look into them all before deciding on which to use. They all vary slightly. For example, on, you can sell or trade your gift cards with other consumers. What you get for the card depends on the retailers’ popularity. On, you can sell your card for cash or gift cards, but this site will only take cards worth $25 or more. On, you search for the retailer and then list your card. Again, the more popular the retailer, the more you’ll get for your card. On GiftCash, a $50 Best Buy gift card goes for about $45, and a $30 Home Depot card goes for roughly $25.50. is a bit different than most gift card sites in that you can set your own price. However, you only get money if someone wants your card. And when you do make a sale, you give 15 percent of the cut to the site.
    • Sell it To a Friend. The best way to sell your gift card is to find a friend who wants it. That way you can get the exact same value (or close to it) back in cash. Ask family and friends and even friends of friends. Be patient, as it might take some time to find someone who matches up.


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