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  • College grads of 2015: yes, there are jobs

    Estefany Sosa

    College graduates are in high demand for 2015.

    You heard that correctly. After several years of economic weakness, things are looking up according to Aaron L. Jackson, associate professor of economics at Bentley University. He feels the class of 2015 is facing the strongest hiring environment since 2000.

    Job prospects for the graduating class of 2000 were heavily impacted by the bursting bubble, while the class of 2009 dealt with the lingering effects of the Great Recession. Both have taken years to recover.

    In Jackson’s article “Great News, class of 2015: you’re graduating into the best job climate in over a decade,” he analyzes key factors he believes have contributed to the increased demand for college graduates.

    In his thesis, Jackson states that after the financial crisis of 2008, employers used gains in productivity to compensate for an unhealthy economy and smaller workforce (due to layoffs). With economic growth now on the rise, increased hiring has become necessary.

    In addition, companies are competing for talent as they prepare for baby boomers to retire.

    Moreover, according to a survey by Michigan State University’s College Employment Research Institute Recruiting Trends, hiring of graduates holding bachelor’s degrees is expected to rise by 16 percent, with an increase of 19 percent for those with associate’s degrees.

    Hiring for MBA graduates is expected to see the largest increase at 38 percent — the biggest bump since 2007.

    Industries experiencing the greatest hiring demand include information services, finance and insurance, business and scientific services.

    Although the job picture is bright for 2015, recruiters who responded to the survey said that recent graduates have unexciting resumes and cover letters, and appear to be unfocused and unmotivated during interviews.

    The survey also indicated that recent graduates have very little knowledge about the job market and starting salaries.

    Students, the jobs are out there — it’s up to you to get to work.

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