NOTICE: Several of our branches are temporarily closed due to the shelter in place guidelines. The following branches remain open: San Jose, Santa Teresa, Dublin and Cupertino. All branch ATMs remain operational. The closed branches will reopen when the shelter in place requirement is lifted. Click here for more information.

  • Money Market Plus Account

    Earn dividends without tying up your cash.

    You’d like to earn interest on your money, but you don’t want to tie it up. Consider our flexible high-yield Money Market Plus Account. There’s no monthly fee and, you’ll get some of the best Money Market Plus rates around. You’ll also receive free checks and a Visa Debit Card.

    For Money Market Plus account balances of $50,000 and up, you’ll get a rate boost of 0.10% with a Tech CU Checking Account and direct deposit.*

    EFFECTIVE DATE: 4/1/2020

    Balance Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
    $0.01 to $2,499.99 0.000% 0.00%
    $2,500.00 to $24,999.99 0.300% 0.30%
    $25,000.00 to $49,999.99 0.349% 0.35%
    $50,000.00 to $99,999.99* 0.549% 0.55%
    $100,000.00 to $149,999.99* 0.598% 0.60%
    $150,000.00 to $299,999.99* 0.648% 0.65%
    $300,000.00 to $499,999.99* 0.698% 0.70%
    $500,000.00 to $999,999.99* 0.747% 0.75%
    $1,000,000.00 and above* 1.243% 1.25%


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