• Health Savings Account

    A Tech CU Health Savings Account (HSA) is designed to help you save for qualified medical expenses. We offer both Single and Family HSA accounts to help you save for current and future health care needs.

    Tech CU's Single and Family Health Savings Account offers a tax advantage** to help offset rising health care expenses. Save money for out-of-pocket medical expenses like doctor visits, dental and vision care and prescriptions. Since there is no time limit on when to spend your HSA funds, any unused balance carries over from one year to the next. These funds never expire.

    With our free Bill Pay for HSAs, you can manage your HSA and medical bills from your home computer:

    • Make one-time payments for bills with fluctuating payment amounts
    • Transfer funds between your HSA and other Tech CU Accounts
    • View your payment history online or download it onto a spreadsheet

    In order to take advantage of a Tech CU HSA, you must first have HSA-eligible health insurance.

    Learn more about HSA. 

    • Calculate how your HSA savings can help your reach your financial goals.
  • Health Savings Account Rates

    Balance TiersDividend RateAnnual Percentage YieldEffective Date
    $0.01 to $2,500.000.399%0.40%06/10/2024
    $2,500.01 and above0.499%0.50%06/10/2024
  • Did you know you can grow your savings with a Tech CU HSA?

    Enjoy other convenient features including:

    • $0.00 minimum opening balance
    • Debit Card access

    HSA Service Charges and Fees***

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