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  • Ladies, Please Take Your Seat In the Boardroom
    The topic of women in leadership often comes up when I do interviews. It’s an ongoing conversation that I hope, one day, will not be among the things I get asked about. Why? When that day comes, it means we’ve reached parity and don’t feel the need to address leadership diversity as an issue. Unfortunately, that day has not yet arrived
    Building California’s Workforce Requires Outside-The-Plan Thinking
    Read the guest commentary: "State could ease workforce pipeline program with new bill" published in the Silicon Valley Business Journal Help Wanted Immediately! California employers seeking highly skilled workers with competency and training in technology, public service, public safety, healthcare and more. Bachelor’s degree required. Willing to pay top dollar for talent. Thousands of positions available — call now.
    Investment in Community Colleges Strengthens the STEM Workforce and Supports a Healthy Tech Economy

    There is no question that STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) jobs are critical to a healthy, innovation-based economy. Many of us tend to assume that STEM careers require a bachelor’s degree or higher — especially in areas such as engineering and material science.

Why Tech CU?

whytechcu Why Tech CU Video (2:23 mins.)

54 years ago, forward-thinking high-tech employees at Fairchild Semiconductor knew there was a better way to bank.

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