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  • Householding Membership Accounts

    You and any other Tech CU member living at the same physical address may “household” your account balances together to attain a higher Relationship Rewards tier. Your account vesting remains as it is, protecting your right to privacy. Householding your account balances does not give any member in your household who is not a signer on your account the right to your private information including but not limited to your balance.


    Sally, Joe, Sue, and Tom all live at the same physical address.

    Sally has a Savings, Checking, and Car Loan Account vested in her name only.
    Total Balances: $15,000

    Joe has Investments, a Certificate, and a Visa Credit Card vested in his name only.
    Total Balances: $50,000

    Sue has a Savings and a Checking account vested in her name only.
    Total Balances: $1,500

    Tom has a Home Equity Line of Credit vested in his name only.
    Total Balances: $20,000

    The total balances in this household are: $86,500 placing all four individuals in the Preferred Plus level.

    Householding Consent

    To authorize the householding of your accounts, please print, complete, and fax this form to (408) 441-4720, or mail it to the address at the top of the form: Householding Consent Form (PDF).

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