• Remote Deposit Capture - Desktop

    Tech CU offers a number of ways to deposit funds into accounts at Tech CU. One such way uses a desktop scanner attached to a personal computer. The service allows business members to deposit checks into their accounts remotely, without having to visit the branch or ATM machine. The service saves time from having staff travel to the Tech CU branch to make a deposit. The Remote Desktop Deposit service is ideal for members that have a need to deposit a high volume of checks. The scanners can be purchased outright, or paid in installments over a 12-month period. This new service is available to business members with account analysis billing.


    The Remote Desktop Deposit service requires the business member to log into the service website, endorse the checks payable to Tech CU, scan checks, review checks for any issues, then submit the deposit for processing. Historical reports are available that display what checks have been deposited on each specific day. Deposited check images are also accessible from the system.

    If you have further questions regarding Remote Deposit Capture using the desktop scanner, please contact us at 408-441-4752.

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