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  • Business Online Banking

    The fast and convenient way to securely manage your business accounts — all in one place.

    Enjoy the convenience and ease of managing your accounts with Business Online Banking. Review account balances and activity, originate a variety of payments, transfer funds and more.


    • View current account information on a single page, including checking, savings, certificates and loans.
    • Originate payments via ACH, domestic and international wires (including wires in approved foreign currencies).
    • Schedule one time, future dated or re-occurring transfers from your business account to your Tech CU personal account.*
    • Transfer funds between Tech CU business accounts held under the same Tax ID number.
    • Access commercial loans and lines of credit.
    • Retrieve online statements and check images.**
    • Download transactions to Quicken and QuickBooks.
    • Export transactions to Excel or create custom reports.
    • Add up to three authorized company users for free, any additional users is $5.00 - refer to our Business Services Fee Schedule (PDF) for more information. 

    Enhanced Security

    • Each time you log in, our multi-factor software token will generate a one-time user passcode. Use this passcode (rather than a traditional password) to access your accounts more securely.
    • Minimize risk exposure with fraud prevention and security features — including ability to authorize company users with specific accessibility.

    Enroll Today

    To get started, contact a Relationship Banker at (800) 553-0880 or visit a branch. All members must complete the following forms to begin enrollment:

    To require one person to initiate a payment transaction and a second person to approve it (recommended), complete this form:

    To enable a single person to perform a payment transaction, complete this form:

    Many Ways To Access

    We believe in offering you the convenience to bank wherever you want — whether it’s from your desktop or a mobile device.

    • Web Login - Once you enroll at a branch, sign in securely from the upper right hand corner of the site. Select "Business Online Banking" from the drop down. 
    • MSecure Browser - Access your business’s cash management information by using a secure login technique.  
    • Mobile Web – To access your accounts on the go, simply head to:

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