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  • Leadership

    Executives and Board

    Executive Committee 2016

    Executive Committee Bios

    Todd Harris, President and CEO
    Jeannine Jacobsen, EVP/Chief Operating Officer
    Joe Anzalone, EVP/Chief Banking Officer
    Al Cadman, EVP/Chief Credit Officer (not pictured)
    Richard Hanz, SVP/Chief Financial Officer

    Managing Committee

    Managing Committee

    Richard Hanz, SVP/Chief Financial Officer; Angie Hernandez, SVP, Credit Administration; Jeannie Sugaoka, SVP, Support Services; Todd Harris, President and CEO; Joe Anzalone, EVP/Chief Banking Officer; Jeannine Jacobsen, EVP/Chief Operating Officer; Dean Davis, SVP, Information Technology; Kate Duggan, SVP, Marketing; Rebecca Nelson, SVP, Wealth Management; (Debra Bowman, SVP, Retail Banking and Al Cadman, EVP/Chief Credit Officer, not pictured)

    New Board of Directors

    Board of Directors

    Mical Atz Brenzel, Chair and Finance Committee
    Robert E. Bylin, Vice Chair and Nominating and Governance Committee Chair
    Kirk Bloede, Compensation Committee
    Karen Brochier, Finance Committee
    Peter Donahower, Finance Chair
    Rob Herb, Compensation Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee
    Barbara Kamm, Treasurer and Secretary
    Joe Shepela, Compensation Committee Chair
    John W. "Jack" Wedgwood, Compensation Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee

    Supervisory Committee

    New Supervisory Committee

    Supervisory Committee Bios

    Tom L. Hall, Former Chairman
    Bob Luong, Vice Chair
    Steven Fisher, Secretary
    Jeffrey M. Lee
    Karen Rogge


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